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For retail outlets in Germany please use the find dealer button. For our international importers please use the importer search. For further information our Support Team will be glad to help you per e-mail or telephone: +49(0)5363 8040.
When installing a KAMEI product it is essential to follow the assembly instructions since they contain important information on cleaning, temperature and hardening time. If the product is assembled properly these problems should not occur. In a case like this call our Support Team +49(0)5363 8040.
In general only products listed in the current catalogue are available.
All ABS plastic products from KAMEI are fully paintable.
If you consult our Online Catalogue you will find all products classified according to compatible model and construction year. If your car is not listed, the article does not fit your car and/or it has not been approved for the model concerned by TÜV or the relevant safety standards authority. You are therefore not allowed to install it.
We will gladly send you our ABE and in return will charge a nominal fee of 5 euros.
Please supply us with the precise item number, as well as your address for dispatch and enclose a sufficiently franked envelope.
Our address:
Heinrichswinkel 2
38448 Wolfsburg
Please note that private copies of ABEs are not officially recognized and prohibited. We also strongly recommend you carry the ABE and car documents with you at all times. (German law)
As all of our safety relevant products have an ABE or respectively have a German TÜV certificate, there is no need to have such a product added to the registration documents.
All of our safety relevant products have an ABE or respectively have a German TÜV certificate enclosed but never both. So, carrying either the ABE or TÜV certificate with your other car documents will suffice.
In the Federal Republic of Germany you are required by law to carry the enclosed TÜV /technical authority certificate or ABE /operating permit with your other car documents. If you are not sure whether a KAMEI product is permitted in your country, please contact your local vehicle registration authority or police department.
No, you do not need an ABE or a TÜV certificate for a roof box.
In most cases the whistling noise comes from the roof rack. Make sure that the rack is level and all openings and drilled holes on the box are closed.
Please fill out the contact formin the service area, than we send you a spare key.
According to several tests consumption is lower with a roof box on the car than with just a roof rack loaded with skis, luggage etc.
Your roof-box demands that you adapt your driving style to modified weight and hight of your vehicle:
- sensitivitiy to side winds will be increased
- When loaded, the change in the centre of gravity of your vehicle will require you to modify your cornering and braking habits.
- Depending on the roof rack, the hight of your car will be increased by up to 60 cm. This must always be remembered when approaching low bridges or low entrance barriers (e.g. car parks).
To prevent damage of the surface, use only solvent-free car wax and detergents containing no alcohol, chorine or ammonia additives, and do not use any cockpit sprays or cleaning agents containing oil. Clean and lubricate the locks with commercially available silicone sprays.
If possible, place the heavy objects in the middle of your roof-box, so that the overall payload will be distributed evenly over the load-bearing rack and the car. All packed articles must be securely tied down to prevent slipping. It is important to ensure, that the load does not present any obstruction to closing the roof-box, in order to prevent malfunction of the locking system. Never exceed the maximum roof load specified by the manufacturer. The maximum overall weight ("gross vehicle weight") of your car must not be exceeded.
There is no statutory speed limit but for insurance purposes KAMEI recommends a maximum speed of 130 km/h.