Who’s behind the brand?

When you start delving into the history of KAMEI, one thing becomes immediately clear. This has always been a place full of people who are completely and utterly committed to one shared goal: making driving easier, more comfortable and above all more beautiful with smart, intelligent accessories. Quite a task!

Our employees are our greatest asset. Without them, we would not be what we are today: one of Europe's leading manufacturers of automotive accessories.

Daniel Lieske

Key Account Manager / OEM

Manuela Körner

National Sales

Hind Hitzner

Export Sales & Logistics

Harry S. Ohligmacher

Sales Representative Southwest Germany

Stefan Röthlingshöfer

Sales Representative Southeast Germany

Karin Meier-Dehmel

Logistics & Human Resources

Ralf Rothenberg

Development & Operations

Julian Reckel

Quality Management

Melanie Schulz


Niklas Meier

management assistant & Marketing / PR

Thomas Meier

Managing Partner