Bumper protectors.

With elastic shock absorption.

The KAMEI bumper protectors with elastic shock absorption protect painted vehicle bumpers from parking damage. They are easy to install using their self-adhesive panels with 3M tape. The bumper protectors are highly durable and can be used on any vehicle.

Features and benefits:

  • Hollow chamber construction
  • Low weight
  • Designed to suit the vehicle
  • Very adaptable
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for vehicles of all ages

PVC, black
Dimensions (L x W): 370 x 50 mm
Quantity: 2
Item no.: 0 49431 01
SRP: 25.50 EUR

PVC, black
Dimensions (L x W):510 x 50 mm
Quantity: 2
Item no.: 0 49430 01
SRP: 28.90 EUR

PVC, black
End piece, individual
Item no.: 0 49417 01