Expanded metal grilles and sport grilles

Take uncompromising racing style to the streets.

Understated? Never. The universal sport and expanded metal grille designs make it immediately clear what look you’re going for: sporty performance verging on the level of motor racing. All of our grilles can be adapted to the shape and size of your individual vehicle.

ABS, black
Sport grille with honeycomb design. Universal – trim to size. No manufacturer emblem. UV-resistant.
Dimensions: 860 x 410 x 7 mm
Item no.: 0 44209 01
SRP: 46,50 EUR

KAMEI emblem
Classic, type A for expanded metal/sport grille in titanium metallic design.
Item no.: 0 64012 01
SRP: 7.20 EUR

KAMEI emblem
Classic, type B for expanded metal/sport grille in black design.
Item no.: 0 64010 07
SRP: 7.50 EUR