Protective films

Our protective films for door sills and loading sills.

Protect and accentuate your vehicle's style.

Cars are fun. To drive and to look at. To make sure they stay that way, and to keep sensitive areas such as the door sills and loading sill free from scratches and damage, we have developed a range of special films that provide effective, long-term protection for the paintwork and materials. And subtly enhance the design of the vehicle while they’re at it.

Door sill protection film

Protect your doorways from scratches.

The generous entry and exit areas of your vehicle are prime areas for scratches and dirt to accumulate. But the high-quality KAMEI universal door sill protection film set provides these much-used areas with a coat of armour. The films can be cut to size as needed and are therefore suitable for all vehicles.

2 x 670 x 130 mm / 2 x 550 x 130 mm
Item no.: 0 49202 10
SRP: 39,90 EUR

2 x 670 x 130 mm / 2 x 550 x 130 mm
Item no.: 0 49203 01
SRP: 42.50 EUR

Loading sill protection film (universal)

Just trim it to size.

Our universal loading sill protection films can be easily cut to fit any vehicle’s loading sill perfectly. The universal films are also ideally suited to protecting other areas such as door sills, the bonnet, front and rear surfaces and the wheel arches.

Dimensions: 165 x 26 cm
Item no.: 0 49200 10
SRP: 26,50 EUR

Dimensions: 165 x 26 cm
Item no.: 0 49201 01
SRP: 32,10 EUR

Loading sill protection film (transparent)

Invisible protection.

They may be barely visible, but they still provide maximum protection: with our transparent loading sill protection films, loading sills and the rear of the vehicle stay looking as good as the day they were made. The films are shaped to fit the latest vehicle models perfectly.

Available for:

Loading sill protection film (matte black)

For optimum protection when loading and unloading.

Easy to attach in almost no time at all, these high-quality films protect the loading sill from scratches and damage while also creating a stunning visual feature at the rear of the vehicle. The matte black films are specially shaped to fit each individual vehicle model.

Available for: