Comfort cushions

Upgrade your seats.

These universal comfort cushions are perfect for relaxing the neck, shoulder and back muscles on long journeys. The memory foam adapts to your body to keep you relaxed but upright in your seat in an anatomically correct position. This prevents premature fatigue and optimises seat comfort. The cushion covers are durable and can be cleaned easily and quickly.

Neck pillow
Item no. 5G9 0 15258 01
SRP: 20.75 EUR

The passenger pillow. Relieves pain in the neck and shoulders and adapts perfectly to the shape of the passenger’s body. Can be attached to the headrest.

  • Colour: Black
  • Fabric: 25 % cotton, 75 % polyester
  • Foam: 100 % polyurethane (memory foam)
  • Permanently elastic