ClickFix for roof boxes

The world’s fastest roof box mounting system.

The innovative ClickFix system is the fastest and most convenient technology for mounting a roof box - and this is also confirmed by the ADAC test rating. The principle is very simple: Simply by folding down the four fastening levers inside the roof box, the system is securely fixed in the groove of the base carrier in seconds. In contrast to other systems, additional retightening is not necessary.

A system that convinces - even car manufacturers: Volkswagen relies on ClickFix for the production of the accessory roof boxes sold worldwide.

ClickFix is available for our roof boxes Fosco, Oyster and Corvara S. In our Husky and KAMEI 510 roof boxes is the also easy to use comfort slide fastening system integrated.

Picture Gallery

KAMEI ClickFix Montagesystem Dachbox Geoeffnet
KAMEI ClickFix Montagesystem Innenansicht
KAMEI ClickFix Montagesystem Hebel Gesicht
KAMEI ClickFix Montagesystem Hebel Hand