Pickup boxes for commercial vehicles

Specially developed for pickups and double cabs.

The design of pickup and double cab vehicles means that they have specific requirements when it comes to transporting machinery and materials. KAMEI has developed a range of storage boxes precisely tailored to meet these needs.

The boxes feature rubber profiles around the edges to protect them from water ingress. Two safety locks prevent unauthorised access. If ordering a pair of boxes, both will use the same key.

The benefits:

  • Stable and lightweight aluminium construction
  • Plastic walls can withstand high mechanical loads, matte sanded finish
  • Doublelayer base for heavy cargo, replaceable base plates
  • All parts can be replaced and are rustproof
  • Slight tilt of approx. 3° to allow water to flow away
  • Lids made from diamond plate aluminium with gas struts and a large handle to make them easier to open
  • Rubber profiles surround the box to protect it from water
  • Two safety locks (keyed alike) prevent unauthorised access
  • Dentproof lid corners made from high-quality plastic
  • Fasteners with padlocks and/or pushbutton locks (keyed alike)
  • Stainless steel forklift frame for safe and secure transport
  • Easy to assemble


Available for: