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Field report

More space in the van thanks to the KAMEI 510.

Many people dream of having their own van and enjoying the freedom to travel. Lea-Sophie and Rene have fulfilled this dream. They travel regularly with their bus through whole Germany. The sports enthusiasts spend a lot of time at the seaside. For their journies they use a  KAMEI 510. Here they report on their excperiences with the roof box at the Kitesurf Masters in Sankt Peter-Ording.

"We love the sea and are passionate kiters. Since we live in Schleswig-Holstein, we like to spend the weekends with our van at the North or Baltic Sea. But even with a well-developed bus it can become narrow inside for two persons. Therefore it quickly became clear that we need a roof box! The KAMEI 510 seemed to us to be the ideal solution.

First impression and assembly

The roof box makes an optically beautiful and high-quality impression. There are extra supplied straps to fasten the luggage. In addition, the locks can be easily opened and closed again.

Mounting was also easier than expected. Two of us were able to lift the KAMEI 510 onto the van without any problems. The mounting by the U-bolts was a piece of cake and could even be done by one person. Then simply move the roof box to the desired position - done!

We would never have thought that it would really go so fast. All the better, because this way our first journey with the roof box to the North Sea could start relaxed. 

Kitesurfing in Sankt Peter-Ording

The first tour with the roof box took us to the Kitesurf Masters in Sankt Peter-Ording at the end of August. This is the biggest and most important kitesurfing event in Germany. Enthusiastic kitesurfers from all over the country meet for the final of the official championship series here.

The KAMEI 510 was a huge relief in advance: All the kite equipment - including three neoprene suits, two harnesses, two bars, a board and three kites - fit easily into the roof box.

Without it, we would have had to stow the equipment in the interior, where everything would slide back and forth during the ride. That is not the case now, once and for all. On the road the roof box was not to be noticed and does not impair the driving behavior. 

Arrived in Sankt Peter-Ording we could use the whole living room of the car for the whole weekend. That saved us the annoying task of rearranging the luggage.

What we especially liked: After kiting the wet things can also be put down in the roof box. So we do not have to hang them up in the bus and we do not have a problem with fogged up windows in the interior anymore. Due to the possibility to close the box, the things are stored well and safely, so you do not have to worry about the expensive sports equipment.

Thanks to the comfortable roof box, the good weather and great wind conditions, we were able to enjoy the event to the full. That is why it is clear to us: Even with a supposedly spacious van, we would not want to miss the KAMEI 510 anymore!"

Dachbox KAMEI 510