Unique design needs courage. 

Product development

Reliable concepts combined with fresh ideas supported the creation of a new generation of roof boxes.

"Right, I'll designing a box for the car roof now." This is how the Berlin designer Christoph Fleckenstein describes his approach to the design of KAMEI's new Fosco roof box line. The principle of the IONDESIGN team: initially to show off as little technical expertise as possible about a product so as not to be guided by existing standards – but to develop something really new and courageous. "We took an entirely different approach to the manufacturer and experts, and instead asked ourselves questions that the customer would also ask," says Fleckenstein. One of them was: Does my new roof box match what it is attached to, in other words my car? Of course, there is no such things as the definitive car – but a number of features that are reflected in the current design of many makes and models. These include, for example, an ascending sideline and upwardly curved roof areas. Fleckenstein and his team picked up on these design trends and were inspired by the formal language of typical "roof box vehicles", especially streamlined mid-range and high-end estates.

"We started off with random brainstorming and came up with a never-ending selection of new ideas – it was right and important to do so, so as to achieve our ultimate bold result."

Christoph Fleckenstein from IONDESIGN

"As designers we are always inventors"

At IONDESIGN we know that the form of a product always has to follow a certain logic and must therefore be functional – otherwise it will not be perceived as aesthetically pleasing. That's why the Fosco's development not only focused on the look and aesthetics, but also on comfort, user-friendliness and safety. In addition to proven elements such as the ClickFix attachment, currently the fastest fastening system on the market, there are also new approaches here: for example, the lid that overlaps the lower part at the front – the "overbite", which provides more stability and crash safety.

Good cooperation across the (design) board

Thanks to the close and effective cooperation between KAMEI and IONDESIGN, the new roof box was brought to market within just one year. The Fosco line will initially be represented by the 540 model. In the spring of 2019, the smaller version with a volume of 420 litres will follow. "And," says KAMEI Managing Director Thomas Meier, "that's just the beginning."