The mountain calls!


He loves adventure and thrill: free spirit Roland Loipold.

Thanks to the proximity to the Alps, the Austrian has been enthusiastic about skiing ever since he was a child. After successful participations in classic ski races, he has dedicated himself for several years to freeskiing – a discipline in which you don't have to follow strict rules. The only thing is: the more impressive you glide through the snow, the better. Not infrequently, daring jumps and tricks are built in. In order to stay in shape even in times without snowfall, he climbs the steepest mountains on warm days with his mountain bike and then descends the trail at full speed. And as if that wasn't enough, there is also his studies in sports and event management at the University of Salzburg.

What is never neglected in all the hustle and bustle, however, is the enjoyment of sports in nature. He always has a KAMEI roof box with him so that he doesn't make his tours in the mountains unnecessarily difficult. This makes it easier for the passionate sportsman to transport his equipment – both in winter and summer. Roli, what he calls himself, tells us what made him become a freeskier and how he masters the interplay of extreme sports and studies.

How did you get into freeskiing?

Basically, I have been interested in skiing since the age of two. But it was ski racing that fascinated me until I was twenty years old. The end of my career as a ski racer enabled me to gain a deeper and different insight into the subject of skiing. On my twenty-first birthday my parents gave me so-called ‘Powderski’. After my first real deep snow day on my new skis I knew what my real calling was: freeskiing!

What fascinates you about this sport?

On the one hand, it is the freedom, which one already feels during the ascent to a summit never climbed before. The escape from everyday life, stress and the pressure to perform of today's society. On the other hand, it is a feeling to surf the cold powder snow and to be almost weightless.

Do you have a favourite freeskiing spot?

As I get older, I appreciate my beloved home in the Alps more and more. The mountains around Obertauern are of course one of my favourite spots. However, two years ago I was allowed to explore the French ski area Montgenevre in the context of a project. Since this time, I mention this small French ski area also again and again under my favourite spots.

What was your biggest sporting success so far?

Beside the Austrian Junior Champion in Giant Slalom and Eventing, the third place at the Junior World Championships in Italy.

What advice would you give to people who want to improve their physical skills?

At the beginning I always find it very important to find the ’right’ sports for yourself. Of course, there is a certain degree of ambition and continuity needed, if you want to improve yourself.  The most important thing, however, is never to lose the fun of sport. Anyone who has fun with what he or she does will sooner or later improve anyway.

How do you spend your time when there's no snow?

I spend my summer months on my two bicycles, Enduro and Downhill, in different areas and valleys of the Central Alps. In addition, the study in Salzburg must not be ignored and the lost time of the winter semester must be made up.

What activities do you use your KAMEI roof box for?

In winter I use the roof box daily to store and transport skis and ski poles. The extra space I gain in the interior of my car is then used for passengers and additional luggage. During the summer months, the bike takes up so much space in the car that I mostly stow my other utensils in my roof box. These are for example backpacks, bags or protectors.

What advantages does the roof box offer you?

On the one hand, the roof box is very space-saving and also looks really good. Every morning in winter I am happy not to have to clear the windscreen of ice, because the wet skis are transported in the roof box and therefore no moisture gets into the interior of my car.

What are your plans for the future?

To maintain the joy of skiing and to enjoy every day on the mountains. Furthermore, to get the possibility to realize film or photo projects.

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