Blowing up
the sailing


smartkat’s inflatable catamaran is changing the game. Including in terms of portability: it fits perfectly into a KAMEI 510 roof box.

Power, speed and elegance. There’s something particularly fascinating about catamarans. You’d often think of them as being large, heavy, expensive boats that can only be crewed by experienced professionals, and that you’d need a trailer to move them around on land. Most of us would probably never imagine being able to get involved in this kind of sailing ourselves.  But the smartkat team think differently. They want to make it easier.

The catamarans smartkat have developed are inflatable, light, and can be constructed in just 20 to 25 minutes with a little practice. Once at sea, they are also easy for beginners to get the hang of. Perhaps the most unusual thing about them though is how easy they are to transport. The catamarans fold down into two normal-sized bags that each weigh just 25 kilos. And here’s the clever part: they can fit inside a KAMEI roof box. So you could say that it’s only logical that our companies work closely together.

The smartkat boats are setting new standards for inflatable catamarans. No boat is easier or faster to construct. No boat of this size is lighter. And when it comes to speed, the smartkat is right up there with the best. Admittedly, it’s hard to describe in words just how it feels to glide across the water in a smartkat. But you can get some idea of just how much fun it is from the pictures. What we’d really recommend, though, is trying it out for yourself!

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