Good reasons
for holiday by car.


Why traveling on four wheels is fun.

Summertime is holiday time. And that's where planning begins for where the journey is to go. KAMEI names five good reasons to drive off in a car again.

1. Flexibility

Whether it's morning, noon or night. With your own vehicle you can start your holiday when it suits you best. In addition, breaks can be taken as the mood takes you.  

2. Environment

Travelling by car is more environmentally friendly than by plane. At the same time, the cost of fuel for the outward and return journey is usually lower than the price of air tickets - especially if you are travelling in a group.  

3. Freedom

Once you have reached your holiday destination, you usually want to explore the area. The own vehicle offers the best possibility to make spontaneous excursions. 

4. Adventure

When you travel by car, you see many new places. You can change your route spontaneously. Boredom does not arise.

5. Storage space

There are many things that can be stowed in the trunk of a car. With a roof box from KAMEI you can even expand the storage space.


So nothing stands in the way of a holiday by car.

KAMEI Urlaub mit dem Auto Fosco 540 Taschen