What you can expect from us and our products.

Regardless of which of our products you choose, these features are always included. Guaranteed. The KAMEI brand stands for:


Experience and expertise as standard.

High-quality materials, sophisticated craftsmanship and careful installation. We have a long history of quality here at KAMEI. Our products are the best in their class – just as they were 60 years ago. You can see just how much we believe in this in our roof boxes. Each and every one comes with a six year guarantee. No other manufacturer can do that.


Form follows emotion.

We love the way vehicles look. Our roots lie in automotive design. Numerous interior and exterior innovations, including spoilers and steering wheel covers, can be traced back to our developers. We think it’s clear to see how our passion for innovative design flows into our products. Others do too. Our Oyster roof box recently won the German Design Award.


Uncompromising, right down to the smallest detail.

Whether on the road or on the racetrack, you have to be able to rely on your equipment. And that goes for every part, from the largest roof box to the smallest screw. As well as implementing our own internal quality checks, we have the safety of our products tested by independent institutions such as ADAC or TÜV. Only when a product meets the strictest safety requirements do we add it to the KAMEI range.


Maximum performance. Always.

From rally driving to skiing to surfing, the world of sport has always inspired us and still has a strong influence on our product developments to this day. We are in constant contact with top athletes in the fields of kitesurfing, speed skiing, free skiing and catamaran sailing to get as much important information as we can about their experiences with KAMEI products. What they tell us then helps us to make our future concepts even better for high-performance users.


Meeting every requirement. Especially yours.

We look at our products through our customers’ eyes. How easy is the roof box to install? What has to fit into it? What shape works best? Every KAMEI prototype not only has to undergo numerous quality and safety checks, but also prove its worth in practical tests. This is how we ensure that our accessories are reliable and practical in everyday use.


Perfectly tailored to your vehicle.

KAMEI develops innovative, smart vehicle accessories. Our mission is to make driving more comfortable, safe and stylish. We work continuously with leading German automotive manufacturers to ensure that every product is perfectly aligned with the technology and design of the vehicle we're making it for. KAMEI products are designed to be targeted, intelligent additions that integrate with the car to form one perfect unit.