Born to fly.


Jan Schiegnitz is a kitesurfer through and through. And one thing he always has at competitions is a KAMEI roof box

Jan is one of Germany's top kitesurfers.

He has worked closely with KAMEI for many years. We regularly provide him with roof boxes for carrying his equipment. From kiteboards to kites to neoprene suits – he can take all of it wherever he needs to with KAMEI. In return, Jan gives us lots of valuable information about how the roof boxes perform for him. Many of his experiences have been and continue to be useful for us when we come to developing new products. We can’t think of a more realistic, authentic, challenging or tougher way to test our roof boxes. Thanks, Jan!

Jan comes from Würzburg but he got his breakthrough into kitesurfing when he moved to Kiel for university. Every day after his lectures, he went kiting on the Baltic Sea. He quickly turned pro and has since won numerous championships, regularly landing podium finishes at world level kitesurfing events.

Nothing else captures Jan’s imagination as much as kiteboarding. On the water he can forget about everything around him, get into the flow in a dimension where time means nothing.

For Jan, the sport is inseparable from the lifestyle. Partying in the evening is just as important as the competition. “For me, events are about having a good time on the water with my friends, pushing each other on. Winning competitions and getting the prize money is great, but it’s not the reason I do it.”

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