The Von guten Eltern blog makes parenting easier. Even when travelling.

How will our lives change when we have children? Will we be able to do it all? Questions all parents-to-be ask themselves. So it’s good to have someone who knows all about it and can give you some tips. Someone like Anja Constance Gaca and her husband Christian, parents of four children. On their blog,  „Von guten Eltern“, they explain what having and raising children is really like, discussing the ups and downs of everyday life as a parent and how you can tackle all of the challenges that come along with it. Mobility has a key role to play in a six-person family.

So we gave them a KAMEI 510 roof box to take on their recent tour of Scandinavia. You can read about their experiences here.

“We managed to fit almost all of our luggage into the roof box alone, and only packed the really heavy stuff in the boot. The KAMEI roof box withstood frost, storms and scorching heat during our trip. And despite its size, it’s quite light and easy to stow away in the cellar or garage.”