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New everyday companion - the new Husky 420

Husky 420 is the name of the brand new roof box for the active (summer) vacationers, water sports enthusiasts or even for the heroes of everyday life. With a focus on smart design and easy 
easy handling, the Husky 420 is available in matt black or high-gloss black. Its dimensions are ideal for water sports accessories such as stand-up paddles or wakeboards up to 155cm in length, or even everyday items such as strollers or accessories for hobbies and thus perfectly complements the Husky roof box family. 

In contrast to previous KAMEI roof boxes, the Husky 420 roof box not only represents the natural development of the range, but also incorporates the personal input and impressions of the KAMEI team. 
impressions of the KAMEI team, shaped by many years of experience. It was very important to us to create a roof box that would not only support people not necessarily only on vacation, but can also be integrated into everyday life. 

We didn't just want to create a new roof box, but develop an aid for everyday life. The Husky line is particularly well suited for this, as it is easy for beginners to handle, simple to easy to assemble and combines safety and functionality. Just quickly transport a golf bag without blocking the trunk? That's really no problem for the Husky 420 and spontaneous golf outings, for example. 

But it's not just golf outings that the Husky 420 facilitates. How often do hobby soccer teams, for example, have the problem: lots of passengers, water boxes for catering, sets of jerseys and the training balls. Where to stow it all? The solution: Balls in the roof box, the passengers safely into the vehicle, water boxes and jersey sets into the trunk. Everything safely stowed in a car with the Husky 420 on top. The best part? The tailgate can still be opened, even on small vehicles. 

So the new roof box Husky 420 stands for smart solutions, versatile applications and 
as usual from KAMEI: high quality and experience.